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Surbhi Hospital is one of the best centre for treating pile

-Sonali Rao

I have been suffering from fistula from last 3 years, treated successfully at Surbhi Hospital.

-Shilpa Prajapati

I hv taken kshar sutra treatment at Surbhi Hospital for fissure who was restricting my daily routine because of severe pain for last 3 yrs. it was amazing i was almost normal after 48 hrs of treatment and completely cured in 15 days.

-Rajiv Shah

very affordable curing of piles treatment

-Reenku Patel

Treatment of fissure by the Experienced hands of Dr. M.G.Bihola is just like magic. I was cured in 24 hrs for which i was in trouble for years.

-Rohit Bhardhvaj