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Fistula Treatment

Fistula in Ano is an inflammatory track which has an external opening in the perianal skin and an internal opening in the anal canal or rectum. This track is lined by unhealthy granulation tissue and fibrous tissue.
IN AYURVEDA:-FISTULA (BHAGANDER) has been included in ashta mahagada(eight most dangerous diseases) by ACHARYA SUSHRUTA. Even today when the modern surgery is at its peak fistula in ano is still a challenge to the surgeons for its incidence of recurrence and postoperative complications.
» PERIANAL ABSCESS (most common)
» Ulcerative colitis
» Crohn's disease
» Tuberculosis
» Cancer of rectum
» LOW LEVEL FISTULA- Fistula open into the anal canal below the anorectal ring
» HIGH LEVEL FISTULA- Fistula open into the anal canal at or above the anorectal ring
» SINGLE OR MULTIPLE- Depending upon the number of external openings fistula may be single or multiple.
» History of perianal abscess
» Discharge
» Formation and rupture of abscess with pus discharge in early stage and continuous discharge in later stage.
DIAGNOSIS:- Clinical examination and probing by an experienced and qualified doctor can make the diagnosis in most of the cases. However fistulogram and MRI may be required in some cases to establish the track, branching pattern and internal opening.
HOW IT ACTS:-It acts by virtue of chemical cauterization it destroys the infected tissue present in fistula and makes the wound free of infection, eradicates infected anal glands. It heals the wound drastically and the complete eradication of disease ensured by complete eradication of infection.
» No need of hospitalization
» No operation
» Back to routine life in 48 to 72 hrs
» No chance of INCONTINENCE(Loss of control on stool)
» No relapse

why ksharsutra in fistula ?

In this time fistula is a very pain full disease. In modern system of surgery fistuloctomy is very pain full surgery and its recurrent many times so many complications .but in ksharsutra treatment there is no need of hospitalization and no need of routine dressing.

benefit of ksharsutra :

»  After treatment no recurrence
»  no chance of recurrence
»  patient do there routine work
»  no side effect
»  no stitches no scars after treatment
»  patient go home after 4 hours