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Fissures Treatment

Fissure in ano is a very common and painful condition causing a lot of discomfort to the patient. There occurs a tear or a crack in the skin. it is usually found in young and middle age people specially in women usually during pregnancy but sometimes seen even in children. It does not heal permanently and keeps on showing its effects continually or intermittently.
» Constipation
» Spasm of internal sphincter
» After operation for haemorrhoid if skin loss is much.
» Ulcerative colitis
» Crohn's disease
» Syphlis
» Tuberculosis
» Pain during defecation -nature of pain is SHARP, BITING,BURNING.
» Streaks of blood along with stool or on tissue paper
» Skin tag(sentinel pile) near fissure base
» More common in women
TREATMENT:- It can be cured with KSHAR SUTRA KARMA without any invasive surgical procedure. Recovery is very fast and patient is comfortable enough to rejoin his/her duties in 48 to 72 hrs.