Best Piles Hospital in Modasa Sabarkantha | Proctologist in Modasa |  Without Operation Piles Treatment in Modasa - Surbhi Hospital - Modasa - Gujarat,India.

About Surbhi Hospital

  • We Provide all kind of Piles, Fissure and Fistula treatment without stretchies.
  • Only 4 Hours Hospital Stay
  • We have respected reputation of 17 years
  • We have experience more than 10,000 Patients
  • Take one opinion for any kind of piles Treatments

    surbhi hospital established on millennium year march 2000 in modasa district headquarter of aravally.

    we provide all kind of treatment of the piles, fissure and fistula since last 16 year we operated more than 8000 patient we offend arrenge a free camp all over Gujarat and rajasthan, we have fully equipped 10 bed hospital we care for our patient.

    we are first in this region who has started 10 bed ano - rectal hospital.
    we thansk to all the our well wisher our past patient who give there blessings always.

    we have patient in all the region like ahmedabad ,baroda bombay udaipur banswara dungarpur sagwada lunawada godhara idar himatnagar ambaji and many more place

    Surbhi Hospital was a dream project of Dr. N. G. Bihola. It is at present one of the very few ano-rectal hospitals offering almost all ano-rectal treatments under one roof. 16 years of dedicated quality service in the field has placed the institute at a height, few can reach.

    During the past years, more than 8 thousands patients of various ano-rectal diseases including more than 4200 cases of recurrent high anal, complex, multi-track fistulas and many cases of recto-vaginal fistulas have been treated with remarkable success, a rare feat which very few ano-rectal hospitals can claim.

    Conservative treatment, Para surgical and surgical procedures have been adopted and modified based on the principles of American method - the time tested ancient Indian Medical science and also taking advantage of modern technology where ever necessary.